• Protective Coating
    Protective coatings provided by the best producers in the industry and then applied by the experts... More

  • Exterior Decorations
    You do not need to live or work in a building that looks like any other one in the neighborhood. More

  • Doors and Windows Painting
    Choose a suitable paint for the room, for example matt, satin or gloss. Painting wooden doors and window frames. More



It goes without saying that the scope of the offered services is notably broad. It is mainly caused by the fact that our employees constantly gain new, valuable experience while realizing consecutive orders placed by our clients.

To name only a few, we may offer you, inter alia, comprehensive object maintenance, meticulous painting, both exterior and interior decoration, as well as a variety of flooring-based undertakings. It must be indicated at this point that the latter includes the preparation of finishing surfaces in various habitable and non- habitable objects, laying wooden floors and tiles, and also varnishing or painting the surfaces indicated by the ordering party.

All the services are provided with top class care and accuracy in order to ensure the longevity of the renovated or decorated elements of interior and exterior. Moreover, we are capable of adjusting the work schedule to the needs and requirements of the customers there is also the possibility of extending the scope of executed duties by adding other decoration and furnishing related tasks to them.

The details of cooperation are always agreed upon between the interested parties before attempting to perform any kind of works. This is the guarantee of customer satisfaction and flawless execution of the subject of the order.