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Get in touch with best professionals in their craft!

House or office redecoration is strictly connected with finishing works, such as tile laying, panel installing, and finally – painting. But where to find good painting contractors London? We are glad to inform you that we employ a number of highly skilled and experienced interior designers, who will find it remarkably easy to paint the walls of your habitable or working space. It has to be added at this point that they do not limit themselves to basic wall painting only. Painting contractors cooperating with our firm are also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to paint stripping and exterior surfaces painting. Thanks to their help, your home, flat, office, or garage will look stunning again. Their services are especially recommended when you want to prepare your property for sale or when you would like it to become much more modern and aesthetically pleasing than before. Continue reading “Get in touch with best professionals in their craft!” »

Problems with wallpapering? We can help!

We know all too well that when it comes to wallpapering, the said undertakings seems to be much easier and less complex than it really is. Individuals attempting to cover the walls of their rooms frequently fail miserably and are forced by unfavourable circumstances to ask professionals for help. If you do not know how to start the said decoration-related undertaking, we can gladly help you and save you some time and money. Our wallpapering London services are characterizes by possibly the best quality-to-price ratio, so you can be sure that even when the project assumes covering several rooms with wallpaper, the work of our experts and materials utilized will not cost you an arm and a leg. Continue reading “Problems with wallpapering? We can help!” »

Paining has never been so easy

It is a commonly known fact that house refurbishment is typically connected with the need to change the color of your walls. It is nothing surprising really, as the chosen hue has to correspond with the ordered items of furniture, installed lighting, and other decorative elements incorporated. However, some of our customers come to us because they have not enough time or skill to cover their walls with paint in a satisfactory manner. In such a case, we offer them our painting services – thanks to them, our clients can focus on work, entertainment, or other daily activities while our professionals take care of the look of their habitable or working spaces. Continue reading “Paining has never been so easy” »

Transform your ordinary house into a real mansion

As we all know, a house is much more than walls, windows, and doors. It has to be properly decorated for a person to feel comfortable in it and to start calling it home after some time. We are more than certain that we can help you in this regard. Our experts have perennial experience in decorating and painting, so they will not only advise you with regard to most suitable materials and items of furniture to use to enhance the look of your habitable space, but they will also take care of all the necessary works. Decorating contractors employed by our firm may have their own idea in mind, but if you are willing to introduce some personal touches, feel free to inform them about that and specify what decorative elements you would like to be installed in your house. Continue reading “Transform your ordinary house into a real mansion” »

We will take proper care of your property

Thanks to the PJ Home Improvements Company, you can be sure that your house or office will keep its initial condition for many consecutive years. Our experts will make sure that the object in question is fully functional, as well as will fix all the identified faults and malfunctions in order to ensure that both work and relaxation win it are both safe and pleasant. Due to the fact that our firm employs a myriad of various interior design and construction experts, we can perform virtually all works that are connected with property maintenance, cleaning, and refurbishment. While collaborating with our company, you will surely forget about such problems as improperly functioning installations, leaking roof, or cracks in the walls, as they will all be fixed in no time by means of utilization best materials currently available on the market. Continue reading “We will take proper care of your property” »

Decorate your house the way you like

At PJ Home Improvements, we do care about our customers and we always let them have their say when it comes to painting and decorating. Of course, it might be easier to simply follow best practices in the industry and recreate a set template every single time, but our company is all about creativity, originality, and individual approach. Painting and decorating London does not need to be expensive as well. While taking advantage of services, both regular and new customers will be treated with respect and their budget will the decisive factor while planning work schedule. We will cut expenses whenever possible while at the same time doing our best to maintain the quality of performed undertakings at the highest level possible. You can always contact us and order some extensive actions to be executed, even in the middle of order realization. Our experts will gladly introduce all the requested changes in order to make your interior look as you have wanted it to. Contact our representatives and check our scope of services. We can guarantee that it is quite astounding, especially while compared with those offered by the competition, as it incorporates painting, wallpapering, property maintenance, decorating, etc. Be sure to check our entire website and select services you want us to provide for you! There is also the possibility of visiting us personally in our office. You will always be welcome here! Continue reading “Decorate your house the way you like” »

Home painting

Have you been looking for a company that would professionally perform home painting-related works? Look no further as we will gladly help you with the said task. Our experts have recently been equipped with state-of-the-art painting devices, as well as with materials allowing for the swift performance of preparatory and finishing works. We would also like to inform all the interested individuals that we are likely to expand our offer even further, so do not forget to visit our website quite regularly! You will surely find something interesting for you there. For now – contact us and order home painting today!
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Painting and decorating services in London

After some time, houses and offices start looking less impressive. There are numerous damages, distortions, and faults that have to be taken care of and removed. If you have noticed that your habitable of working space is far from perfect and you would like it to be notably improved, do not wait and contact our representatives. They will provide you with our detailed price list, take your order, and appoint best available workers to realize the task. Our customers state that we are highly punctual, professional, and reliable. Now, you can check it for yourself!
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Painting services in London

We are honored to say that our service list has been expanded once again! This time, we have added painting services to it. They cover all kinds of painting-oriented undertakings. Thanks to possessed equipment, we can now refresh the look of your entire house, individual rooms, office space, or garage. The choice is entirely up to you! Thanks to the skills of our professionals, we can ensure you that the ordered services will be performed in no time. After their completion, you will be granted the chance to enjoy your redecorated space immediately. Start furnishing and cleaning it…or just ask our representatives to help you with the activities in question. Continue reading “Painting services in London” »

Wallpapering in London

For many years, we have been dealing with home improvements. Now, we would like to make even more customers happy by increasing the scope of the available services. We have made up our mind and decided to add to the list of performed activities the one a number of our customers have asked for – wallpapering. We are fully aware how quickly the overall look of the room can be changed by applying a modern and properly adjusted wallpaper to the walls. Do not hesitate and contact us. We will help you refurbish your house or office and provide you with additional advising services.
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Painting contractors from London

You probably know that there are numerous home improvement-oriented companies operating within the borders of London. Nevertheless, none of them is so proficient when it comes to painting surfaces specified by customers as we are. We are capable of painting internal and external walls of houses, offices, garages, and many more. Get in touch with us and check what we can offer you. We are more than sure that our price list will be more than convincing for you. It is hard to find another company providing such comprehensive services in reasonable, affordable prices. We are waiting for you.

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Painting and renovation of MING in London

Recently we performed a renovation of MING pub in London. After many years there were many cracks on the front elevation of the building which did not make a good impression on their guests. We had to fix all of the cracks and repaint the entire front of the building.
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Decking restoration

The British weather can be quite hard on your decking. Humidity, rain, sun or even frost and snow over the years can completely change the appearance of your decking. PJ Home Improvements can do a decking restoration for you to make it look just like new. Here are some pictures on how an old decking can look after a restoration.
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Painting contractors in London

One of our recent jobs required not only painting of walls and ceiling but we also had to do some reparations. There were some cracks on the ceiling which had to be fixed prior painting. As we are one of the best painting contractors from London we did a great job and the customer was very happy with the work which we had perform.


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Wood floor sanding in London

Recently we have done a property refurbishment project in London including a wood floor restoration. The old wooden floors had to be first sanded. The final step was varnishing of the wood floor. Continue reading “Wood floor sanding in London” »

External house painting in London

One of the first tasks that we perform while doing an external home decoration in London is securing the windows. Then we slowly start to apply new layers of paint. In this project the client decided to get rid of that nasty grey look of its house and choose a nice white paint. Continue reading “External house painting in London” »

External painting

A while ago we have started an external home painting and decorating project in London. This project included all external house renovation tasks. We will show you how our job is done step by step and post pictures from this project.

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Furniture finishing

Here is a fine example of how we can bring back some old furniture back to its original condition or even improve its appearance. We offer professional paint finishes that can change the colour of your furniture. Thanks to our furniture finishing services you do not always have to completely change furniture inside your home, you can only renew it and give it a brand new look.

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