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Furniture Finishing London

We offer full range of spray painting services for bespoke furniture. With over 12 years expertise, we are able to offer a range of high quality services furniture finishing in London.

  • Paint Finishes – any colour, any sheen.
  • Lacquers – heat resistant coatings a speciality.
  • Stains – send us a sample and we will match any finish.

Often all that is needed to bring furniture back to its original condition is the removal of the old finish, re-painting when necessary and the application of a new finish.
Do you have that old looking dresser, dated dining tables and chairs? Well, you don’t really have to buy new one, as you only need to consider furniture restoration and finishing. In a couple of hours, you could give your furniture a new and fresh look. Furniture refinishing in London is somewhat cheaper than buying new ones.

If you’re bringing an old chair or even your end table that is still in good shape from the garage, cleaning up the surface with mineral spirits or even oil soap could be what you need in order to freshen it up. You can actually revive any unpainted wood furniture using furniture polish. In order to tackle the nicks, you just have to use the grain filler sticks, which matches the color of the wood.

Whenever minor touch-ups doesn’t work, or you simply want to change the entire appearance of an item, it is the best time to strip and refinish or paint the furnishing. To help you out, here are some of the pointers you must consider when finishing a furniture:

Stripping preparation

You must cover the floor with newspapers and cloth to make sure that the strippers and stains will not damage any surface. You should remove any hardware, knobs or even cushions from the item that you’re refinishing. You must fill in any deep scratches or even dings. The fastest way of removing old finish is by using a good chemical stripper. Although some furniture refinishers are gentle options. Another possibility for removing a furniture finish is to simply combine the equal parts of paint as well as lacquer thinner.

If you’re thinking about using a chemical remover, you should choose the one that is too harsh, or that you will cause more problems. You should look for the ones labeled with “no cleanup” or that “will wash away with water” in order to minimize the mess. Thick strippers like paste or gel are actually best for refinishing vertical exteriors. Liquid strippers only work for the horizontal refinishing. Just make sure to wear eye and hand protection. You must only apply strippers in a room with appropriate ventilation. Old paintbrush works best for applying strippers as well as refinishes.

Cleaning and sanding

Whenever all of the stripper has been removed, you must clean the furniture and leave it to dry. Start sanding the wood using a fine sandpaper for a smoother touch.

Apply the stain

Wearing protective gloves and use a brush to stain the furnishing. You should apply the first layer with a light hand, so you can add another layer of coat when needed.

Top with finish

In order to protect everything you have done and to keep your furniture looking attractive, simply apply oil or polyurethane finish or varnish right after the stain dries. Once it dries, your new furniture finishing is ready to use.

If you want to make your furniture looking fresh and new, furniture finishing in London is just what you need. This way, you don’t need to spend money buying new things.